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Harddrive DnB

Andrei Matei, also known under the monkier “Harddrive”, has spent years promoting DnB, Jungle, and Bass shows in the Austin, TX area as a member of the Everyday Junglist, SonarDnB, Drum Soul, and SUBstanceTX crews. While taking a bit of a break from DnB DJing currently, Andrei is still passionate about helping further the DnB movement in Central Texas.

In 2016 and 2018 Andrei was an official showcasing artist at SxSW and he has opened for numerous renowned DnB acts including Camo & Krooked, Mob Tactics, Quadrant & Iris, Kasper, Enei, Jaybee, Random Movement, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren, Dave Owen, Q-Bik, and Sage. In the past decade, Andrei has played and booked various artists for his previous residency at the 4th longest running DnB weekly in the US – Sonar DnB. In 2014, Andrei also became one of the founding members of Drum-Soul, a jazzy, soulful, liquid-infused DnB night.


While initially starting with his first true love – liquid DnB, Andrei expanded his repertoire to include deep/dark/minimal, dancefloor, jump-up, and old-school jungle styles. Throughout a Harddrive set, you can hear each of these influences and often accompanied with the conscious vibes of Rasta Sol, a talented jungle-centric MC, who breathes energy and life into his sets.

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